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Best Trampoline

If you’re looking for the best trampoline for your family, please be sure to read all of our trampoline reviews so you can make a smart decision before you purchase.

I’m a mechanical engineer so I’ve naturally been trained to test and analyze. So I’ve decided to write about from my hours of reading over trampoline reviews to find what was the best available. From price and features comparison, I finally decided to go with the following list.

All our trampoline reviews are from reading other customers trampoline reviews and some personal experience, which will give you a balanced and fair view on each of our trampolines. But before we jump in (pun intended), let’s talk about what features you must have in the best trampoline.

If you don’t want to read, feel free to make the decision from the chart below!??

The Must Have Features In All Best Trampoline Reviews

According to my opinion, the things should considered before purchase any trampoline. Specially the trampoline for kids.


I never knew how unsafe a trampoline can be until I started to do research for my kids. Think about it, you’re jumping a few feet into the air and really not having much control of where you land. I don’t think they had safety features back in the day but most trampolines today have a safety enclosure. So there really is no excuse why you shouldn’t have an enclosure net and protected padded springs when looking for the best trampoline. Furthermore, you really want a well constructed trampoline that comes with a T-construction, (not shoddy welding) and all our recommendations are of the utmost safest.

I don’t know when they finally decided that there needed to be some regulation on trampolines but you only want to buy a product that has passed the ATSM/TUV quality and safety requirement. This is why in all our trampoline reviews, we only recommend trampolines that have a safety enclosure and have great construction.

Size Does Matter

Depending on how many kids and adults will be using the trampoline, the size is going to matter. Also trampolines come in all different sizes and it also really depends on what you’re planning to do on it like exercising. There are usually two types of trampolines ones that are for the kids to play on out back and for adults who use the trampoline as an exercise equipment. But we will be focusing on the trampoline for kids. Most trampolines sizes range from 12 foot, 10 foot to 7.5 foot. I always recommend the bigger one because it’s just more fun when you have more people jumping at once.

Number of Springs & Weight Capacity

Each trampoline comes with a different number of springs depending on the size. Also usually if you get one with more springs, you will be able to jump higher and have more people on it at once. For those with multiple kids or if you want to jump with your kids, my recommendation is to get least a 10 foot trampoline with at least 64 springs and a weight capacity of at least 400lbs.

I always encourage people to do their own research, and hopefully I’ll send you in the right direction. Let’s jump in!


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Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Jump N' Dunk Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop

If you are looking to buy a trampoline for your kid? Then you will need to buy from this brand. It comes with a basketball hoop for your kids to play. Safety won't be an issue, because it's net is attached to the jumping platform. That means there is no way to slip onto the springs or off the trampolines.


Skywalker Trampolines
  • Its woven mat is made up of heavy duty UV protected polypropylene material that protects your kid from slipping.
  • Meets ASTM safety standards.
  • Its frame is rust resistant
  • Play basketball safe
  • This is a durable of trampoline thanks to polyethylene material.

What I love

  • Patented No-Gap Enclosure System: This ensures that no gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface. This is made possible because the net is attached to the V-ring spring clip.
  • Galvanized Steel T-Socket Construction: When your kid is jumping on the trampoline he will never worry about the stability of the frame. Thanks to the galvanized steel T-socket construction. Steel is also rust-resistant, which now extends the lifespan of the trampoline.
  • Thick UV-Protected Spring Pad: The trampoline springs and frame is made of a thick UV- protected spring pad that ensures that the children are safe as they climb on the trampoline.
  • Dual Closure System: When your kids are on the trampoline, you never have to worry about the net zipping out. Because the dual zipper kids safe inside while jumping.
Skywalker Trampolines 15 Feet


The instructions about how to assemble the whole thing is not that clear. It takes patience to know your way around the trampoline.

Zuppa 15 14 12 Ft TUV Approved Trampoline With Enclosure - World's Most Safe Trampoline

If you are thinking of buying a playhouse or sand pits, then you are making a wrong investment. Instead, buy this trampoline. And here is why? It gives incredible bounce and better support for 3 up to 5 kids.

It is one of the safest trampolines for your kids and even you. Unlike other trampoline that 250lb or less. The Zuppa trampoline comes with extra weigh support to accommodate you, just in case you wish to join the kids in the play. It weighs 350lb that is enough weight.

Zuppa Trampoline With Enclosure


  • Certified by TUV, an authoritative organization from German that takes safety standard and measures seriously.
  • Its warranty is spread on its different parts. For instance, it has a 6 month warranty for trampoline pads and nets. 3 years warranty on its trampoline frame. In case you get any damage parts, it will be replaced at no cost.
  • Comes with huge net poles and steel joints. Each is bungled tightly so that your kids can be safe when they make that incredible bounce.
  • Superior bounce thanks to the heavy gauge 7 inch springs. It is also rust-resistant, that means that you never have to worry leaving the trampoline outside.
  • Comes with lots of accessories enhance the safety of the kids and to make the bouncing fun.

What I love

Zuppa  TUV Approved Trampoline With Enclosure
  • Weight capacity: It weighs 375lb, that is enough to hold 5 kids, plus you in case you want to join the fun.
  • Durable: Well-built quality material that will last longer. It features a heavier frame and lots of legs. It is stronger that it can't be moved in a strong wind. Its mat is also of high quality and has more springs attached to it.
  • Superb customer care service: This is great product worthy your investment. If you encounter any problem or concern, their customer care will not leave you waiting. They will get to you as quickly as possible.


I don't think that the spring pad and enclosure zipper are of high quality. But the interesting thing is that, in case they get damaged, you can still get another from the company since they have a long warranty period. So you will lose nothing.

Bazoongi Trampoline Reviews – The Best Trampoline For Kids

If you have a small yard and still want to provide a great trampoline for exercise or just fun for the kids, this is one of the best trampolines you can get for the price. Jump on this deal while you can.

Today, we’re in our in-depth trampoline reviews, we’ll be looking about our #1 recommendation for the best trampoline for your kids. We’ll be covering the obvious features but also the reasons why we believe, it’s the best for your kids. We’ll also be pointing out some inherent concerns by our experience with this trampoline. Hope you learn all you can through our Bazoongi trampoline reviews and that you will be more informed before purchasing. Let’s jump into it (pun intended).?

Bazoongi Trampoline

This trampoline comes with a 7.5 trampoline mat that has an enclosure net already in place with a never before seen top rail system.

Bazoongi Trampoline Reviews

Superb construction with “W” shaped legs, which provides greater stability and durability. From all trampoline reviews that I’ve written and read, this one is definitely one of more solidly built trampoline. It comes with a Big – T Connector, which surpasses the lower quality welded T-bars I’ve seen. Also since my friend owns this trampoline for their kids, it has endured 5 years of jumping without any rusting due to its rust resistant galvanized steel.

It comes with 42 springs, which quite a bit for the actual size of the trampoline mat. It provides a great soft bounce and some serious height. From watching my friend’s kids play in the back, I've definitely seen them jump get at least 4 to 5 feet of air.

It only weighs 37.5lbs, which is really light for a lot of trampolines and allows for pretty easy assembly.??

Real Benefits to Take Away From Our Bazoongi Trampoline Reviews

  • Great Size For S mall Yards or Even Indoors – This trampoline is a great size if you have a small backyard or want to place it inside. As I mentioned above, my friend tends to put this trampoline outside during the summer and fall while hauling it in for the winter. He sets it up in the family room and the kids can jump to their heart's’ delight all winter long.
  • Easy To Setup and Tear down – obviously easy to breakdown and tear up because he moves it at least once a year. It’s also not really heavy, which makes everything go a lot faster and easier. However, I highly recommend you watch the videos that comes in the CD. Also remember when putting the frame together, to face all the small holes on the T-bar face outwards. It’ll make your life easier, trust me.
  • Great for Kids & Adults (kinda) – This trampoline isn’t the largest trampoline available but it should be able to handle at least a few of the younger children at once. However, if you’re an adult, I highly advise that you don’t jump in it with two adults. Obviously, the size of the trampoline really limits the amount of weight the trampoline can handle at 200lbs max weight capacity. So it’s probably not the best idea to have two adults jumping in there. Definitely not smart or safe.
  • Add-ons For Extra Fun - One of best benefits to this trampoline is the add-ons Yes, you do have to pay extra for them but in my opinion totally worth it. One of my favorite things as a kid was my treehouse. It was my own little space, sanctuary hideout, spaceship, and pretty much anything else I can imagine. One of the problems in having a small yard is kids don’t really have access to a tree house like I did. This was exactly the problem my friend was facing. But luckily with the add-on tents that come either in circus tent or tree house tent option has more or less replicated a real tree house. So whenever I go over to my friends house with my kids, they always go play in their “trampoline” tree house. It’s also very easy to assemble and disassemble as well.

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Ultega Jumper Trampoline Reviews

If you're looking for the absolute best trampoline, the Ultega trampoline is the best you can find at an affordable price. From great customer service to a high quality product, you won't ever regret purchasing this for your kids.

  • With a UV protective mat, you can jump for many years on this durable 10? trampoline.
  • Comes with an all around safety enclosure net, which goes 4 feet high and all the rods and springs are protected with thick pads.
  • 64 long springs, which means you and your kids can even jump higher!
  • It’s passed the TUV safety requirements, which means it’s completely safe for your kids.
Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net

Real Benefits from the Ultega Trampoline Reviews:

  • Extremely Well Built For Safety & Durability – I’ve had this for about three summers and two winters. Usually, the sun and snow can do some damage to the mat and frame but ours still looks and feels pretty new. Thanks to the UV-resistant mat, I know that it’s well protected from the sun in the summer. As for the winter, there has been any sign of rust on the frames or the springs from the rain or snow.
  • Great Customer Service – I’ve never had any issues with it but from all the reviews that I’ve read. The customer service has been excellent. One customer had their trampoline blown away by a windstorm and smash into a tree. Some of replacements parts needed to be replaced and the company replaced them for free and sent the very next day. Another customer had lost a few springs before he could set it up and the company also sent them the replacement springs free of charge and to a different address. That’s what I call great customer service.
  • Perfect Fit For a Small Backyard – I never had a huge backyard growing up and I’ve always wanted to get one for my kids. But living out in San Francisco, it’s not possible to afford a house with a very large backyard unless you’re ridiculous rich. I’ve realized the 10 foot trampoline was the best size because it wasn’t so big that it took over the whole yard but also not too small that it wouldn’t be any fun. I’ve also read other customers who agrees with me that the size is just right. Also I’ve realized how a trampoline is an awesome play date bait for my son!
Ultega Jumper Trampoline

Here are some other helpful tips before you assemble it.

  • Get the delivery guy to get your package as close to the place you want to set it up. Total weight is around 200 lbs so it isn’t possible to move by yourself.
  • There will be a lot of bolts so don’t get confused, they’re for the pole and net.
  • When putting it together, remember to face the legs of the trampoline out and not under. Also remember to make sure all the holes for the springs are facing up!

Types of Trampoline

Based on the type of user and purposes, we can divide the trampoline into three types: mini trampoline for kids, for adults, for exercises which are commonly called rebounder trampoline and professional trampoline.

Mini Trampoline for Kids

A mini trampoline for kids is often seen as a toy which is used to get kids to be familiar with physical activity in a fun way. Because this is for children so safety is the most important aspect, manufacturer offers many extra padding or cushioning for the best safety. Not only a trampoline, it can be used as a seat for reading or watching TV. A mini trampoline size for kids is often around 35” to 50” and it can support a child up to 80 pounds. Depend on your child to choose one that is appropriate.

Mini Trampoline for Kids

Trampoline for Adults

Trampoline for Adults

The trampolines are not only fun but also keep you fit therefore purchasing one is not a bad idea. This trampoline type is both suitable for adults and older children because they are able to use in similar ways. A trampoline for adult is made of sturdy metal and has smooth welds for safety and rust devoide. The traditional spring trampolines are popular on the market, during purchasing you should check the spring covers. The size is variable but the 8 to 14 ft trampolines are the most popular. This type is designed for adults therefore heavy people can use it. With some high end products, an up to 250 pounds jumper can bounce to the air.

Trampoline for Exercises (or Rebounder Trampoline)

Although the trampoline and rebounder are closely relative in some cases but they have some differences. People use the trampoline and rebounder in different purposes, the trampoline for recreation and the rebounder for exercising. The rebounder has a small size, around 3-1/2 feet so it can be assemble easily and is often used indoor. Moreover, the rebounder can accommodate up to 400 pound user. It mainly uses for fitness like fat loss or building muscle. If you love workout and have a small place, the Exercise Trampoline is rather better choice.

Trampoline for Exercises

Professional Trampoline

Professional Trampoline

The professional or often called as Olympic trampoline is different with any other types. You can not compare it to any other type like what we do with the trampoline and rebounder. Professional trampoline is designed for athletes with best performance and intensive energy. Its jump mat is like netting and porous for stronger force while the outer side safety padding is very thick for safe training. The standard size is 14ft x 7ft, it is large and pretty costly for individual.

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Some Important Things before Buying a Trampoline

If you are thinking of buying a trampoline you need to consider some important things. It is never a good idea just to go out and buy something without knowing about them at all. For your aid, in this section it is described how to buy the right trampoline considering the sizes, shapes and other characteristics of it.

?A trampoline is an awesome choice for making fun as well as gets some good exercise with the family. That is why it is considered as a great purchase from which the whole family gets benefited.?

Circular or Rectangular? Which Type?

If you want to purchase a trampoline you will find two available types in the market. One is rectangular and another one is circular. Before buying one you have to decide which type of trampoline you want. Circular trampoline is most popular and considered as safer than the rectangular ones. On the other hand rectangular trampolines provide more bounce which brings more fun but have a chance of accident.

Circular Trampoline

Before deciding the size what you need to do is measuring the area that will require taking up the trampoline.

Rectangular Trampoline

?Generally, it is kept in the backyard or the garden of the house and the size varies from six feet to sixteen feet in diameter. If your kids will only use it then think about the size considering them. It is better to buy a bigger one for your kids because when they grow up you will not need to buy another one.

Will It Last?

One of the common questions about trampoline is its lasting time. You will be glad to know that most of them are made in a way to last for 4 to 5 years and some of them have warranties for 5 years. And it has been mention earlier that you will need to buy a bigger one for your kids which will save your money because you will need not to buy another one in two or three years.

The Important Features You Should Check Before Buying A Trampoline.

  • Sturdy Frame: Every trampoline must have a sturdy frame. And the best sturdy frame is made of galvanized steel. Never think of buying cheaper ones as they have less strength which ultimately provide less support and protection from damage. You should also check the welds if they are perfectly done or not. Otherwise you can buy a trampoline which has no welds but join.
  • Bounce Mat: Bounce mat is the most important part of a trampoline. It should be durable and able to undergo lots of stress. And for the comfort of your kids it is necessary to have a smooth bounce mat so that if someone falls against it, it will not cause a scratch on the skin. It is recommended to buy a UV resistance bounce mat which last longer in sun exposure.
  • Springs: The last and the most important thing you need to check are the springs. There is a misconception that more spring can provide more bounce. It is no true. It is better to ask a fitness expert before buying a trampoline. Try to know about the product’s bounciness, sturdiness and overall comfort before choosing to buy one.

Rebounding Exercise with a Mini Exercise Trampoline

Mini Exercise Trampoline is a good way for increasing burn fat, metabolism and to tone one’s body by doing interval training. This workout is well known as rebounding. As a beginner rebounding can be done easily and still preferable by most of the advanced exercisers. Those who does not have a good idea about interval training must know that it is an alternate training before changing between low intensity to high intensity training. And it is very popular because of its effectiveness to burn fat compared to other aerobic or cardio workouts. Don't miss this post : Trampoline Workout Tips

How Is This Exercise Done?

At first start bouncing slowly with a mini exercise trampoline for 3 minutes and then shift it to a faster bounce for one minute. Depending on your fitness and capacity level the duration of the interval may vary. Now just try to repeat the workout as long as you continue exercising. And when you get stronger the ration can be changed and increased. For an example, you can change interval time as three minutes slow and then two minutes fast. And it has mention earlier that it totally depends on your energy level. As the time passes and you become stronger you can add other movements in your exercise like jogging or jumping jacks with your workout instrument.

Rebounding Exercise with a Mini Exercise Trampoline

Tips on Mini Exercise Trampoline

  • Before buying the best ??mini trampoline try to know how much weight it can take. It will not be a good idea to buy one which can’t carry your load.
  • During the time of mini exercise trampoline, you can have an interval timer. This looks like a pager device in which you can set your interval time so that it can alert you when you need to change workout intensity. You can get one in any fitness shop.
  • Never start workout without doing starching and warm up. This will help you to avoid injury like stained muscles. And take some rest after every workout to cool down the muscle.
  • At the beginning start your routine with a small duration of 6 minutes. Never make hurry; just slowly increase your exercise time when you are ready.

After starting the workout, you will surely be surprised seeing the effectiveness of mini exercise trampoline. It will take a couple of months to give you a good result. In this time, you will feel lighter and stronger and most importantly active and energetic. Just remember to follow your exercise routine and have a healthy and proper diet. You will surely achieve a healthy lifestyle then.

What You Need to Know about Trampoline Safety

If you own a trampoline, you should be familiar with trampoline safety tips. This is especially true if there are kids using it. The device can be dangerous especially for young kids since it could sometimes lead to serious physical injuries. The device is becoming more and more popular now, yet not a lot of people are aware of the safety and precautions tips when it comes to using this kind of exercise equipment. So here are some of the safety tips that you should know when it comes to using the trampoline.

Safety Net

It is a good idea to install a safety net around the trampoline. This is one of the tips that a lot of people often miss out. The net is especially important if you have small kids who are also using the trampoline. The safety net will keep you or your kids protected in case you accidentally fall off while jumping up and down the rebounder.

Regular Check Up

Always make sure to check your trampoline on a regular basis to ensure that it is safe to use. Although you have read reviews and you are confident that the equipment you have purchased is guaranteed durable and that it is the safest trampoline in the market, there is still a possibility that it could become damaged which could put you and your kid’s life in danger. If you notice that the trampoline needs to be fixed, make sure to address it immediately or call the manufacturer to check if it can still be replaced under warranty.

Adult Supervision is Important

Kids must be supervised by parents or adults when using the trampoline. This trampoline safety tip is often printed on the instruction manual of most trampolines these days, yet not a lot of adults will adhere to this.

?Even though the trampoline you have bought is complete with all the safety features, it is still necessary to supervise your kids when using the exercise equipment. As you know, kids are sometimes too wild that they could end up injuring themselves while jumping on the trampoline.?

Read the Safety Instructions

Sometimes, we tend to become very excited in using our newly bought trampoline that we often forego reading the trampoline safety instructions that come with it. It is important to take time to read everything that has been written on the product manual, including the safety instructions.You must also make sure that the equipment has been set up well properly before you or your kids will start jumping on it. You can also refer to some resources online for more information about the safety instructions in using this equipment at home.

The trampoline is indeed a great equipment to have in your home. It allows us to work out while having fun at the same time. It is also a great way to bond with your kids. So do not allow such enjoyment to be ruined. Be very careful with using the trampoline and always keep these trampoline safety tips in mind, especially if you’ve got small kids.

Health Benefits of Using a Trampoline?

The health benefits of having a trampoline are amazing. Not only do children gain balance, rhythm, and coordination. Research has shown that rebounding (jumping on a trampoline) is one of the best exercises. It's easy on your joints, works up your heart, and is low impact. Jumping at least three times a week, is great for the lymphatic glands, heart, and coordination of your child.

?If your child is overweight, this is one of the best exercises for them. They will get lost in the fun not realizing they are doing exercise. Cardiovascular exercise will help your child lose weight. Many people have reported that their children have so much fun jumping on their trampolines that they forget to eat, therefore they aren't overeating as much.?

Some Useful Tips After Buying a Trampoline

Once you have placed an order for your trampoline of choice, there are a few things to do before throwing out any packaging upon arrival. When your new trampoline arrives, open the packaging it came in, find the instruction manual, and start putting the item together accordingly. (You may also need some basic tools, such as a screwdriver and/or a hammer to put the item together, so bear this in mind going forward.)

?Once the package containing your trampoline has been opened and the instruction manual has been located, make sure that all of the parts you require are indeed present before going forward. If there are any missing parts, contact the vendor immediately and let them know about the issue. They should be able to replace those items or refund your purchase if need be. Never put a trampoline together if one or more key parts are missing, as this is an invitation to an easily avoidable injury!

When you have had a chance to put your trampoline together and test it out for a bit during normal use, go ahead and write few lines of your comments below. Let other people know what you like best about the trampoline specifically, as well as what any potential drawbacks may be, ensuring that your review is clearly written and straightforward from beginning to end.

Additionally, if you are writing a review about a trampoline designed specifically for children, make sure that you note any particularly solid safety features and/or potential safety hazards as well. Indeed, a well-written review can prove to be incredibly useful to people in your position for quite a number of years to come!??

Shapes of trampoline

The shape can affect the available space of jumping area or bouncing and different shapes have different effects to the trampoline. There are 4 main shapes that we regularly see: the round, the oval, the square and the rectangle.


Round shape is the most common type you can find on the market and it is a good choice for any regular users. The springs are put around the frame equally in order to create a constant bounce and direct the jumper to the center of the trampoline, therefore many manufacturers choose this shape for safety.

Moreover, the force that is created by each time the people jump is absorbed by the frame, consequently the legs of the user will not sustain the pain because of the force. There are 6 sizes that people see as the perfect size for any family – 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 15’, 16?.??

Round Trampoline


Oval Trampoline

Compared to the round shape, the oval design gives users more jumping space. Not only the more jumping space, you have the long jumping area too. The oval shape is somewhat similar to the round shape, it also directs the jumper to the center of the trampoline.

?To content the oval shape, you will find some frame tubes which are in different shapes. Once you have an oval shape trampoline, you should be aware of this in order to assemble the trampoline in the correct pattern and not to break it.?


Like every other trampolines, the square shape models are measured from frame side to another frame side. The square shape will have about 20 percent in jumping space, more than the round and oval shape. With the square shape, users can utilize the shape corners to jump unlike the round shape which has cut off that area.

Square Trampoline

?The trampolines that used the square shape often accommodate a high weight limit thanks to the gauge of steel of the squares. But, instead of using the square corners, manufacturers often round them for providing better jumping feeling and stability with an affordable cost while still maintaining the large jumping space.?


Rectangle Trampoline

Among all above shapes, the rectangle shape gives the best performance for users, especially the gymnasts and athletes. By arranging the springs in the rectangle shape, they work separately to create the even. No matter where the jumper’s position is, the users can control their take off and landing. The rectangle shape is regularly used in the professional trampoline for competing between athletes in sport events or sport practicing.

Trampoline Supplies and Maintenance

Trampoline are undeniably fun to use and play on, but like almost every other piece of equipment that is subjected to large amounts of weight and repeated impacts on a regular basis, they wear out and may tear if they are not maintained properly. And trampoline maintenance means trampoline supplies: replacement parts for the areas of the trampoline that experience the most abuse, in order to maintain a safe jumping environment.

?Some parts, such as the trampoline’s springs and mat, may need more constant replacement than others. The following is a list of parts that need to be replaced on trampolines from time to time:?

  • Trampoline pads – These are used for the safety of people on the edges of the trampoline, and depend greatly on its shape. There are two important factors to consider when buying trampoline pads: deterioration from ultraviolet (UV) light, and strap durability.
  • Trampoline mat – Along with the springs, this may be one of the trampoline supplies that needs the most number of replacements within a given time period. A good trampoline mat is one that has been properly tested; a five-person sized trampoline with a mat that has only been tested to hold two or three people spells disaster. Check your mats frequently for any deformations, or any areas where elasticity is different.
  • Trampoline springs – These, along with the elasticity of the mat, are the forces that support all of the combined weights of all the people on the trampoline. Buy springs that do not have any deformed hooks, nor must they appear to be stretched when being purchased. Check these for signs of rust, bends or other signs of degradation and deformation as often as, if not more often than the mat’s condition.
  • Trampoline covers – While not necessary, these may help in protecting your trampoline from the elements, which would in turn make the need for replacements less frequent. That said, select a trampoline cover that is waterproof, and protects against UV light, which may cause degradation in several of the parts of the trampoline. The covers themselves may wear out in time, though, which means they also have to be checked every so often, though not as often as the springs or the mat.

The supplies above are just several of the parts you need to check (and, if needed, replace) in your trampoline from time to time. Also when making purchases, check everything: warranties, safety limits and the like, in order to ensure of the quality of the trampoline supplies you’re purchasing. After all, these are for the safety of you and every other user of the trampoline.

Some Other Features You Might Want to Consider

  • Warranty – Most trampoline comes with a two year warranty and some have different kind of coverage in terms of their parts. For example, I know that a few trampolines have a 10 year warranty on the frame and a one year on the springs. Understandably, the springs would probably the first part that needs to be replaced but with a two year warranty of the entire product, your springs will be covered as well. If you want the best trampoline, look for the one with the best warranty.
  • Assembly – I wouldn’t call myself a very handy person, you can ask my wife. But you do want to look at how easy it would be to actually put the trampoline together. In my opinion, the fewer the parts not including the springs, the easier it is to assemble.

Final Notes

So whether you’re planning on giving your children an awesome Christmas or birthday gift, why not get them the best trampoline at a price that’s affordable. Seriously, my kids love jumping on the trampoline and it’s really a great way to use it as a bait for play dates for your kids or if they’re older to have something healthy to do with their friends. Be sure to read all other trampoline reviews to find the best for your kids and family. Hope you enjoyed reading out trampoline reviews and feel free to leave a comment or contact me with questions.