Best Mini Trampoline Reviews – Never Buy Before Reading This

If strength training exercise scares you off, then you will need the best mini trampoline. It can have a tremendous effect on your health. It will tone your muscle, arms, legs and backs.

Taking regular jumps will improve your cardiovascular health. You will become an active person on the inside. You see trampoline are not designed to keep kids active only, they are also designed to help adults burn fats.

That reason, we have divided this review into two parts:?

  • The best mini trampolines for workout
  • Best Mini Trampoline for Kids
best cheap mini trampoline

3 of The Best Mini Trampolines for Workout

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline

You know how rebound is for your health. It can burn calories and even lowers the risk of you getting cardiovascular ailments. Brace yourself for a stamina folding trampoline that delivers low-impact exercise for your whole body.

Well, Stamina may not ward off cardiovascular diseases, but it will surely improve your overall health. Stamina trampoline will be better for you if you can't manage other strength training exercises.


  • This is a 36-inch trampoline that offers safe, progressive exercise to meet your needs.
  • Weighs around 141lbs
  • Folds easily when not in use.

What I love

  • The stoppers: They grip excellently on the smooth surface
  • Strong elastic bands: That is good news because you will never have to worry about the noise that comes with springs.
  • Easy to set up


The silver cover is tough to stretch onto the trampoline.

Airzone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline.

Safety is a big matter now that explains why the Airzone trampoline is built like a battleship. You won't have a hard time setting the trampoline together. But if it happens to be a brainer, you ask for a helping hand.

AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline


  • Features polypropylene jump mat that is woven nicely.
  • It is perfect for those who want to perform cardio fitness, because of its low-impact exercises.
  • Features a padded skirt cover, the elastic band and the outer edge frame.
AirZone Fitness Trampoline

What I love

  • Safety: It is safe for you. It has no springs that will harass you. It just has elastic bands that stretch easily without you giving the fear of falling down or hurting yourself.
  • Plastic protector: Covers the elastic connectors thereby preventing kids from touching the parts that could expand or contract thereby hurting them.


Excellent trampoline, but lacks handlebars.

Stamina 38-inch intone Plus Rebounder

Want to do your cardiovascular exercise with fun, then consider this stamina 38-in rebounder. It will tone your back, arms, legs, buttocks and any part of your body. It is stable, that means more exercise for you as your safety is 100% guaranteed.

Stamina 38 Inch Intone Plus Rebounder


  • Has a large, heavy-duty polypropylene material that won't comprise your safety.
  • Portable. It takes little space that you can even do your jumping while catching on your latest season.
  • Comes with an electronic fitness monitor that gives count on the number of jumps you are doing.

What I love

  • 6 Legs: Other trampoline on the market have 4 legs, this one comes with 6 legs. You will never worry about falling off or having an accident with your trampoline.
  • Step counter: The time makes it easier for you to keep count on the amount of calories that you are burning. The number of jumps you are performing. This makes doing cardiovascular exercise fun and motivating.
Stamina Intone Plus Rebounder


The timer doesn't count small or light jumps.

Best Mini Trampoline for Kids

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline

Do you want to stop your 3-year-old from jumping on his bed, then get him the Little Tikes 3' trampoline and he will forget it. The Little Tikes 3' Trampoline can get your kid jumping for an endless amount of hours. The good news is that light and occupy little space, which is makes it perfect for indoor use.

Little Tikes Trampoline


  • This is a good trampoline for toddlers to burn off their energy
  • Perfectly designed for indoor use only
  • Comes with a large jumping space and a handlebar for your kid to hold.

What I love

  • Elastic webbing: It is much safer for your kids. It is also durable unlike the springs.
  • Safe for toddlers: The large surface area provides stability and safety for young ones.
  • Keeps your kid indoors: Designed to be used for indoors, that means your toddler will stay active indoors.
Little Tikes Trampoline


It has weak padding. The foam on the handle can easily wear and tear. Or if you have a kid that likes to bite things, they can easily eat the pads.

3 Reasons Why a Mini Trampoline is Better than a Treadmill

For years now the treadmill has been one of the most popular pieces of workout equipment that people buy. You might assume that the treadmill is the best way to get a cardiovascular workout, since they are so popular. Many people are finding, however that the mini trampoline is a superior way to get a great aerobic workout. Mini trampolines may seem too simple to compare to a complex treadmill, but they pack more of a punch than you might expect.

trampoline vs tradmill

Here are three reasons to choose a mini trampoline over a treadmill:?

The Mini Trampoline Takes up Less Space

Today’s treadmills are monstrous in size. They may provide a good workout, but storing one of these big machines in the average house is almost impossible. In most household’s space is at a premium. Most treadmills are over five feet long and nearly 3 feet wide. The average mini trampoline, on the other hand, is usually around 38 inches in diameter and most models fold up for easy storage in a closet or under a bed.

Mini Trampolines Are More Affordable

If you plan on buying a nice treadmill, you may have to save your nickels for a while. Most of the popular treadmill models typically cost a thousand dollars or more. Some cheaper treadmills are a few hundred dollars less, but that is still a lot of money. By way of comparison, you can purchase most mini trampoline models for an average of 50 to 100. There are some mini trampolines with additional features that cost more, but even those models are substantially less than a cheap treadmill.

A Better Workout with Mini Trampolines

Chugging away on the treadmill can be one of the most monotonous, boring exercise routines you’ll ever do. It’s hard to stay motivated, day in and day out, when you know that you have to face the same old treadmill routine. With a mini trampoline, you can vary your workouts and switch things up on a regular basis. It’s simple to go from a hopping or jumping jack routine to a more advanced jogging in place or cardio dance on a mini trampoline

A mini trampoline takes up less floor space, costs less and offers more engaging workouts than treadmills do. Who would have thought that such a small, simple looking piece of exercise equipment had so much to offer?

7 Cool Rebounding Benefits

Well, here’s an interesting read. Since Rebounding is so spectacular, we’ve actually compiled a list of 7 benefits of rebounding by each letter in the word rebound! Check out the fantastic benefits rebounding has to offer:

  • R Rapid fat loss: Not only does rebounding help you to burn fat but it burns it quick. It helps you to break down the fat to make it seem almost instant. You can feel lighter and fitter after every rebounding session.
  • E Energy: Rebounding helps you to boost your energy levels through the roof. Helping you to become more active and also de-toxify your body. Seniors can feel a lot more energetic after just a few rebounding sessions.
  • B Boosting the Lymphatic System: We’ve heard a countless number of times that rebounding is the optimal workout for the Lymphatic System and this holds true more than anything else we could ever mention about rebounding.
trampoline rebounding exercises
  • R Rapid fat loss: Not only does rebounding help you to burn fat but it burns it quick. It helps you to break down the fat to make it seem almost instant. You can feel lighter and fitter after every rebounding session.
  • E Energy: Rebounding helps you to boost your energy levels through the roof. Helping you to become more active and also de-toxify your body. Seniors can feel a lot more energetic after just a few rebounding sessions.
  • B Boosting the Lymphatic System: We’ve heard a countless number of times that rebounding is the optimal workout for the Lymphatic System and this holds true more than anything else we could ever mention about rebounding.
  • O Originality. Of course: Rebounding is like no other exercise ever created. It’s completely original and has original effects that nothing else can ever duplicate.
  • U Undeniably Easy: If you think rebounding is tough then honestly, you’ll never find anything that you’ll consider easy. Not only is rebounding extremely effective, it’s easier than anything else you could possibly think of trying.
  • N Not Physically Intensive: You don’t need to be an athlete. You don’t need to have a six pack and neither do you need bulging biceps. All you need to do is be human and willing. Anyone: Elderly, Kids, Adults or whoever it may be you can do it. You can rebound to your heart's content without having a near heart attack.
  • D Do it yourself: No trainers, no fitness experts and no books either. Do what you like, do what feels good. No need to do what others say here, it’s all about expressing yourself.

Wow, it isn’t that hard to think of a benefit to every letter. Isn’t it time you tried rebounding?

Rebounding Benefits for Children

A rebounder is truly the best thing you could give to your child on their next birthday. Think about it. It’s a very effective exercise that’ll keep them healthy but more importantly, keep them entertained.

Rebounding Benefits for Children

Nowadays it’s pretty common to see our children stuck up in front of the computer not wanting to do anything but play the latest video game that released. They want their Xbox, Play station, Computer and Portable game system on simultaneously. Sadly, even on beautiful sunny days.

A rebounder will help your child to realize what having fun was all about again. Throw in a few games and even show them a few tricks they can do and you can be pretty sure that they’re not going to want to get off any time soon. If course, that’s a great thing, why would you even want them to?

If your child is facing weight issues don’t panic. What you need to do is recognize it as a problem now. Don’t wait for the doctors to tell you. Don’t wait for the problems to tell you. Realize the importance of your child’s health, see it as your main priority.

If your child is overweight, it’s possible that he/she is going to face social issues at school too. Name calling, teasing and all the detestable things that could happen are just the beginning. The major things are the mental trauma, the scars that this social abuse is going to leave behind.

You really don’t want to put off this weight issue any longer do you? Especially not when you have something as amazing as rebounding to remind you how easy it can be to get your child back on track.

Think about the benefits of rebounding for your children:

  • Fun activity that they’ll really enjoy doing
  • Help them tone their muscles and reduce any early fat
  • Boost their metabolism
  • Boost their immune system
  • Boost their lymphatic system
Rebounding Trampolin for Kids

And much, much more. It’s time you got your child back on the healthy road, it’s time you discovered rebounding.

Pros and Cons of Mini Trampolines Vs Big Trampolines

Trampolines: one of the coolest, extremely beneficial and most of all fun things ever made by man.

Whether you’re a veteran rebounder (trampolinist) or someone looking to get started and introduced to this sport of endless fun you’re going to need to get yourself a trampoline.

Trampolines come in a magnitude of varieties to fit everyone’s needs, tastes and budget too. Trampolines come in an insane amount of sizes too, some can fit in your living room and others may not even fit in your backyard.

trampoline workout

The bigger trampolines come in the following sizes: 8, 10, 12 and 14 feet. While the smaller ones have the diameter of just about a meter, these are usually called mini-trampolines.

There are professional trampolines and then there are casual trampolines. Some trampolines are designed for people looking to lose weight and overall fitness and others for fun. Though, whichever trampoline you end up buying, you’re going to get an extreme workout and have a lot of fun too.

Knowing what trampoline to get can be a pretty troublesome ordeal. It can be simplified when you ask yourself mainly 1 question:

Do I want to use my trampoline indoors or outside?

Although this may be a very basic question, there are several things to consider. An outdoor trampoline may not be easily usable in the winter months and is usually difficult to find space for if you don’t have the biggest backyard.

Outdoor trampolines are also pretty tough to set up sometimes and tend to be subject to greater wear and tear. Indoor trampolines usually face less issues in most cases.

Indoor trampolines are optimal for weight loss and fitness routines since you don’t have to urge yourself to go outside and start trampolining. Not to mention they’re safer and can be used by children all the way up to seniors.

In most cases the positives of an outdoor trampoline outweigh the negatives, but if you really need the bigger trampoline, do a lot of research beforehand.

For most people the mini-trampoline will be the perfect solution.

Clothing for Rebounding

Recently there has been a lot of argument over what clothes are suitable for rebounding and what exactly isn’t quite right.

Many experts have debated that rebounding should be practiced in exercise gear that is mostly skin fit and others claim that loose fitted clothing is ok. So today we’re going to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both types of clothing when it comes to rebounding, so you can get a better idea from both viewpoints.

trampoline cloths

Loose Fitted Clothing for Rebounding

When you’re at home and suiting up into exercise gear can be a pain it does feel great to rebound in loose clothing. After all, rebounding is all about the free movement of your body and it’s most effective when you can feel the pull from all the areas of your body.

But, there are potential disadvantages too. Loose clothing can potentially hamper your rebounding safety. If your tracks get caught up under your feet because they were loose or if your t-shirt happens to go too high at the gym either one can cause problems.

Tight Clothing for Rebounding

Well, rebounding’s major benefit is the freedom that comes along with it. The free sensation of bouncing around in the air feels great. Not only does it feel great but it does wonders for your body too.

Wearing tight clothing while rebounding can cause your body to feel slightly constricted and you may end up feeling a little awkward.

So now that you know the benefits of either type of clothing it gets easy to find out what you should be wearing. After all, finding the right solution isn’t what everyone else thinks is right, it’s about what you know is right.

You can mix and match and work with a little bit of both types of clothing, some of us might find that clothing that just fits comfortably without being too much Good luck rebounding!?

Things to Do Before Rebounding – 4 Essentials

Rebounding is one of the easiest, most effective and not to mention fun activities that anyone can do to get in shape and stay in shape!

Rebounding involves bouncing on a mini trampoline to stimulate your body’s muscular, cardiovascular, immune and especially lymphatic system. It is the only type of activity recommended strongly by NASA and several other well-known fitness gurus.

Rebounding as mentioned before is extremely fun, almost addictive. Once you start rebounding stopping may not be possible but keep in mind that is a good thing.

Like any other activity though, it is suggested to go through some preparation before you start rebounding. Here are 4 simple things to remember before you start rebounding.

Don’t Rebound Directly After Eating

Since rebounding involves bouncing up and down continuously it’s advisable not to do it after eating a heavy meal. You may end up feeling uneasy and the feeling may take a while to go away.

trampoline exercises

Try to keep a bottle of water handy while rebounding though since you will be sweating a lot and it’s good to take in some water every few minutes in small amounts. Don’t go for an energy drink unless you need it, water will do just fine to keep you hydrated.?

Make Sure the Trampoline is Stable

At times due to any small adjustments it is possible that your trampoline may have de-stabilized a bit. Don’t panic just check the screws and see if it’s un-folded correctly.

Also, check for any liquid spills around the area of the trampoline since this can cause the trampoline to shift suddenly. Be certain everything is in its place don’t assume everything to be fine.?

Check What You’re Wearing

Although there isn’t a major dress code, it is advisable to wear something that’s well fitted without being tight. Leave off any accessories and jewelry since it can get caught up somewhere or it might even break off.

Anything that seems like it would get in your way should be avoided; you need to wear something that prevents you from worrying about it. There are trampoline shoes available if you need them but well fitted socks should be good enough. Do not go barefoot.?

trampoline safety caution


If you miss out on stretching you may end up with a sprain or pull at some time and those can be really nasty. Do the basic stretches for your arms, neck, back and specially your legs!

Keep in mind, not stretching is really the biggest safety hazard so write it down!?

That’s it, 4 easy steps to a safe and enjoyable rebounding experience every time.

5 Facts About Rebounding for Your Health

Hopefully you’ve been researching on the new weight loss and health phenomenon of rebounding. Maybe you even know all there is to know about rebounding and how beneficial it is for weight loss and a healthy body.

Perhaps, you’ve even gone a bit further and you know about the benefits of rebounding on our body’s: cardiovascular, immune and lymphatic system.

But have you heard these 5 surprising facts about rebounding?

1 - Rebounding and NASA Go Hand in Hand

Oh yes, you heard that right. In 1980 NASA stated:

“Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.”

NASA believes strongly in rebounding and surely that is due to countless tests they have taken on rebounding for humans.

2 - Rebounding is 1 of the 2 ways to stimulate the lymphatic system effectively

Your body’s lymphatic system is a tough cookie to crack and it seems it has a soft corner for rebounding. Rebounding is known to increase the productivity of the lymphatic system up to 15 times!

3 - Rebounding (acc. to NASA) is 68% more efficient than using a treadmill or jogging

Hard to believe? Yes. Impossible? No.

Rebounding has proved to be one of the most efficient exercises known to man so it’s not that hard to believe it’s more effective than using a boring old treadmill.

4 - Rebounding assists in combating depression, stress and anxiety

As hard to believe as it is, rebounding through the increase of endorphins in the body helps to cut down on your mental stress too.

5 - Rebounding helps you relax and sleep better

Again a little strangely rebounding helps us when we stop bouncing too. Rebound regularly for a good night’s sleep if you’ve been having any trouble hitting the sack recently.

Mini Trampoline Exercise for Sculpting a Lean Body

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to get a lean body, then mini trampoline exercise is just what you need. Not only does exercising on a mini trampoline (also called a rebounder) give you a total body workout, it also burns more calories than normal exercise. It is the most efficient exercise program available for sculpting a lean body and building strength and stamina.

Mini Trampoline Exercise

Using a mini trampoline on a regular basis will increase your metabolism and improve muscle tone which helps you lose weight and burn calories at a much higher rate. Dramatic fat loss can be seen with continued use of a rebounder.

The main reason for this is because mini trampoline exercise activates the lymph system fluid that circulates in between the cells to carry waste and flush the toxins out of our bodies. The lymph system is also known as our immune system and when these toxins build up its poisons our bodies and our health begins to decline. When these toxins are flushed out, our health improves and our bodies are able to function more efficiently.

Mini trampoline exercises work every muscle group to help sculpt and tone your entire body. Rebounder exercise is much safer than regular exercise because the mat of the rebounder absorbs most of the impact shock. It is excellent for people with joint and back problems. Many joggers are plagued with ankle and knee injuries – mini trampoline exercise keeps you from experiencing these problems. It is also so much fun that you will look forward to doing it every day. There is such a variety of exercises that you can perform that you never get bored with it. You can jump, dance, twist, jog or do any other movements that you can think of.

Please be aware that you should start slowly with your mini trampoline exercise program. You will be using muscle groups that are not normally worked. Begin with about five minutes a day and then add five minutes each day to end up with a thirty-minute workout. It is acceptable to break the thirty-minute workout up into two or three sessions if time is an issue.

Video: Mini Trampoline Rebounding Exercise

Below is a basic thirty-minute workout plan:

  • Warm Up – A slow bounce for five minutes – Stand on the rebounder with feet about 6-8 inches apart – with your feet still on the mat begin to bounce very gently. Make sure you keep your feet on the mat – this gentle bouncing is also called the “Health Bounce”. It will start moving your lymph fluid to flush out toxins in your body. Many people do this “Health Bounce” several times during the day to help keep the lymph fluid moving. It will also give you an energy boost. So if you are feeling tired or sluggish during the day, get on your rebounder and “Health Bounce” for a few minutes.
  • High Bouncing – Really start jumping for ten minutes – You don’t have to bounce too high – This high bouncing will help you boost your metabolism and really start to burn lots of calories. It builds strength, endurance and muscle tone.
  • Aerobic Bounce- An aerobic workout for ten minutes – This can be any fast paced exercise you want to do – You can jog, twist, or dance. Include arm exercises such as punches, bicep curls, or arm reaches – You are burning maximum calories at this point.
  • Cool Down – A slow bounce for five minutes – Same as the warm up – keep your feet on the mat and bounce slowly. Your mini trampoline can also be used for ab exercises. Sit on your rebounder and begin to bounce with your butt. Begin with your feet on the floor, if you can, try bouncing with your feet straight out. Start out slowly – bouncing for 3-5 minutes.
mini trampoline workout

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a cheap mini trampoline. They don’t last and they can even be dangerous. The springs in the cheap rebounders tend to break very quickly which can cause serious injury. The rebounder mats are made of inferior material which can cause damage to your joints because you won’t get the needed soft bounce like you do with the better quality rebounders.

I highly recommend the Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline. It is by far the highest quality mini trampoline on the market. If you are serious about sculpting a lean body, getting healthier and losing weight, this is the mini trampoline exerciser that you should invest in. It will provide you with a lifetime of fun and healthy exercise

Final Verdict

To burn more calories and stay active, all you need is the best mini trampoline that can help and motivate you have a good exercise routine.

At first, it may look hard, but once the counter keeps counting the number of jumps you are making.

You will get motivated to beat every goal that you have ever set for yourself.

As for the kids, the best way of keeping them active indoors is getting a trampoline so that they can have more fun.

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